RE / 2020
Organized by the 2020-21 Remembrance & Lockerbie Scholars Display Committee

         Thirty-five empty chairs were placed in the area stretching from the Place of Remembrance to the Hall of Languages on Syracuse University’s campus. The seats were arranged in the formation of the seats on Pan Am Flight 103 that the 35 Syracuse University students they represent were sitting in for 38 minutes, up until the exact time the Pan Am 103 bombing occured on Dec. 21 1988, over Lockerbie Scotland. On October 6, 2020 the Remembrance and Lockerbie Scholars sat in the chairs for 38 minutes in memory of the lost. 2020 marked the 32nd anniversary of the bombing, and the chairs display was one of several events and displays organized to honor the 270 people, including 35 students studying abroad through Syracuse University who lost their lives in the tragedy. View article ︎︎︎

RE / 2020
Organized by the 2020-21 Remembrance & Lockerbie Scholars Display Committee

         Organized in parallel to the chairs display, the Remembrance Dove display was a land-art tribute to the victims of Pan Am 103. The display consisted of 265 individual flags, connected by white yarn that depicted the Remembrance Dove logo when viewed from above.

RE / 2021
Organized by Lauren Miller

         35 Lives, 33 Years was an exhibit that showcased the work of 35 Syracuse University student artists’ impressions of the 35 students who were lost. Each student was paired with a victim based on interests, personalities and passions. Their art encompasses the themes of looking forward and collective grief.
       Wendy Anne Lincoln's Mother remembered her as "gentle and kind, full of laughter and joy, surrounded by love. Beauty radiated from within her." Friends remember Wendy for her artistic talent, vibrant dancing, and contagious laughter. This piece is a reflection on the role of memory: it was created using a ceramic technique called slip-casting which involves the pouring of liquid clay into a plaster mold. The mold "remembers" the form of the object and replicates it into a delicate new piece. The piece intends to represent the role of Remembrance and Lockerbie Scholars, as we remember the victims aboard Pan Am Flight 103 and act forward in their memory.  View website ︎︎︎

RE / 2021
Organized by the 2020-21 Remembrance & Lockerbie Scholars Poster Committee

         In Late 2020, the Posters Committee announced an open call for entries for digital poster submissions. Entrants were asked to design an 8.5” x 11” poster in any medium, and submit it for a chance to win a prize. The submissions were exhibited virtually on a purpose-made website and then physically at an exhibit entitled From the Archive // For the Archive. The posters were exhibited in parallel to creative and visual work from the Pan Am Flight 103 and Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives at Bird Library. Although the works are diverse in their mediums, and spanned multiple decades, they all centered around a common theme: reflecting on the tragedy of Pan Am Flight 103 through an artistic lens. View event ︎︎︎