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Alec is a Residency Director at the Institute for Public Architecture, overseeing a new residency program at the Block House on Governors Island. He has previously worked as an Architectural Designer at Jenny Peysin Architecture and an engineering aide at the Port Authority. He holds a B.Arch Degree from the Syracuse University School of Architecture.

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UE / 2018
Part of the BETA-REAL symposium interview series

        LINDA ZHANG is Syracuse Architecture’s 2018 Boghosian Fellow. As part of the fellowship, ZHANG integrated the technical tools of casting and mold-making, allowing students to develop new forms of critical memory as they explore the translations of conceptual applications of full-scale structures. In this interview, ZHANG articulates her motivations for BETA-REAL, thoughts on ambivalent-shared realities, and the choice of ceramics as a medium. 

UE / 2018
Part of the BETA-REAL symposium interview series

        ANI LIU is an artist and speculative technologist based in New York City. Trained at MIT Media lab, LIU seeks to discover the unexpected and explores the social, cultural, & emotional implications of emerging technologies. LIU’s work engages a variety of mediums from prosthetics, architecture, augmented reality and to synthetic biology. Through her work, LIU seeks to link technological innovation and emotional tangibility, and imbues scientific processes with storytelling, narrative, and emotional expression.

UE / 2018
Part of the BETA-REAL symposium interview series

        BIKO MANDELA GRAY is an associate professor at Syracuse University in the Department of Religion. GRAY examines the connection between religion, embodiment, and subjectivity, with emphasis on how these facets are augmented and inflected through race gender and sexuality. GRAY also examines the Black Lives Matter movement as a clearing or religious space, challenging traditional approaches to subjectivity, and understands subjectivity as a relation, a constantly changing constellation of various modes of relational engagement.

UE / 2018
Part of the BETA-REAL symposium interview series

        BETA-REAL was 2018’s BOGHOSIAN FELLOW SYMPOSIUM, bringing together a group of seven thinkers and makers to explore the philosophical turnaway from singular, knowable, stable and metaphysical absolutes, towards a multitude of experiential, ambivalent, shared realities.

UE / 2018
Part of professor interview series

        RANDALL KORMAN has been a faculty member at Syracuse University since 1977. His research interests have focused on the phenomenon of the architectural facade. He has lectured widely on the subject, most recently in Spain, Norway and China. Before his retirement at the end of the spring 2018 semester, KORMAN taught a special studio on facades and presided over a special lecture series also on facades.

UE / 2018
Part of exhibition series

        A time-lapse of POSIT’s exhibition assembly for the 2018 Beaux Arts Ball held at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York.

WP / 2018

            POSIT is an independent student-run digital archive of design content and conversation at Syracuse University. Its purpose is to capture and document the ongoing discussions and original material throughout the school. This content is then distributed in the form of multimedia publications, the website and social media outlets.