Alec Rovensky — information & contact


instagram: @aalecr


Alec is a first generation Ukrainian, currently based in New York where he is a Residency Director at the Institute for Public Architecture, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that uses design to challenge social and physical inequities in the city. He is currently overseeing the IPA’s overnight residency program for design professionals on Governors Island in New York Harbor. He has been with the IPA since 2018.

Alec has worked as an architectural designer at Jenny Peysin Architecture, a Ukrainian-led design firm based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He is a member of the Next Generation Council at Madame Architect, a digital publication. Previously, he has worked as an office co-manager at the Renée Crown Honors Office and as an engineering aide at the World Trade Center site with the Port Authority of NY & NJ.

He holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the Syracuse University School of Architecture. In 2021, he completed his senior thesis titled Terra Dispositions, which received a citation in thesis design excellence and was awarded a research grant. 


In May 2021, Alec organized an exhibition in a vacant storefront in Downtown Syracuse titled Dissimulating and Disheveling Matter which showcased his thesis work among other students in his advisory group. The same year he organized From the Archive // For the Archive, a poster contest and exhibition that sought to reflect on 33 years of remembrance of the victims of Pan-Am Flight 103. Previously, Alec has exhibited work at the Migration Museum in London, the Climates of Resistance Showcase, the Smart Cities Expo in Syracuse and at the School of Architecture in Florence.


Alec has been practicing ceramics since 2012, working with hand-building, slip-casting and most recently, wheel-throwing techniques. His ceramic work was included in the Chapter House’s When You Come From Water exhibit and the 35 Lives, 33 Years exhibit. 

He was previously the video and creative director of POSIT, a digital collection of design content and conversation curated by students where he wrote and produced video interviews with visiting critics and theorists including Linda Zheng, Randall Korman, Ani Liu, Biko Mandela Gray and Débora Mesa.


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